The "Slightly Different " musicians:






Kris Vuylsteke (Clarinet)

-At age seven, he started his musical studies at the Stedelijke Muziekacademie Adriaan Willaert in Roeselare after which he was awarded the city medal for clarinet and the government medal for chamber music in Mr Georges Staelens's class (1984).
-After winning two titles in the Gemeentekrediet's ‘Pro Civitate' competition of that time, he was encouraged to take on playing music professionally. At the Lemmensinstituut he was skillfully guided by Jos Wijnen en Greet Severens and the final result was a diploma clarinet at the Lemmensinstituut (1989).
-For further completion, he moved to Walter Boeykens's class at the Koninklijke Vlaamse Muziekconservatorium in Antwerp. There he achieved the higher diploma for clarinet, with honours and a first prize chamber music. He also acted as concertmaster of the renowned ‘Clarinetchoir Walter Boeykens' which culminated in a brilliant concert tour through Japan in 1992.
-At the moment, he teaches clarinet, saxophone, chamber music at the Stedelijk Muziekacademie Dilsen-Stokkem and the Noordlimburgse Instituut voor Kunstonderwijs in Neerpelt.
-Besides his freelance work as clarinet player in different ensembles and orchestras, he's a conductor in the world of hafabra. Together with his windband KH Sint-Lutgardis Hulst – Tessenderlo, he managed to compile a wonderful record of achievements, including, as frontpiece, a national title in the honorary division.
-With this project ‘Slightly Different' he has looked for a balance between good music, mostly by Belgian composers, and accessibility for the listening public, where of course the love for the clarinet prevails. Let us hope this initiative finds its followers…



John-Li Chen (Piano)

John-Li Chen studied at the Koninklijke Muziekconservatorium in Brussels and achieved first prizes in solfège, ear training and music theory, harmony, music history and furthermore the higher diploma for piano and chamber music. She taught piano and chamber music at the Music Department of the Chinese Culture University and was also Dean of the Music Department of the Kuang-Jen Highschool in Taipei, Taiwan, a school for highly gifted music students. In Belgium she taught for several years at the music academy in Sint-Agatha-Berchem and at the moment she teaches at the music academies of Dilsen-Stokkem and Dilbeek. She performed as a soloist with the Vlaams Kamerorkest of Brussels conducted by Arie van Lysebeth and the Belgisch Blaaskwintet. They gave concerts in Belgium and Taiwan. She also accompanied Hilda de Groote, a soprano for the Wiener Staatsoper and a juror in the Koningin Elizabeth Wedstrijd voor Zang. Today John-Li Chen is active as a chamber musician and accompanist.


Arne van Coillie (Piano)

-As a student at the KUL, he worked as a self-taught jazz musician. Later he studied jazz at the Lemmensinstituut where he was educated by the very best among Belgian jazz musicians ( Bert Joris , Frank Vaganée, Ron van Rossum,….). His education was completed after attending workshops and masterclasses by several foreign musicians. He performed as pianist (occasionally arranger and conductor) with Herman Vanspauwen's Big Band, and he played with among others Jan Muës, Rony Verbiest, Hilde Vanhove, André Donni, Marc Godfroid, Andres Liefsoens, Bart Defoort, Mario Vermandel, Matthias Bröde and Peter Vandendriessche. He attended Flemish theatres with Yvonne Walter, Els Dottermans and Antje De Boeck.
Own bands include the Arne Van Coillie trio (with Flor Van Leugenhaeghe and Luc Vanden Bosch) and for four years already The MJQ Project, dedicated to the music by the Modern Jazz Quartet. As a solo pianist he knowingly positions himself in the tradition of the better American song: Gershwin, Cole Porter, Rodgers & Hart. For several years, Arne taught at the jazz department of the Lemmensinstituut in Louvain, and he is currently teaching at the conservatory and music school in Hasselt.





Michel Pieters (Violin)

Michel Pieters graduated as a violinist at the Koninklijke Conservatorium in Brussels (Belgium) and the Brabantse Conservatorium in Tilburg (The Netherlands). He moved in the world of chamber music ensembles and symphonic orchestras in Belgium, The Netherlands and Taiwan. For several years he performed with the French chansonnier William Sheller, participated as violinist or arranger in theatrical productions and worked with his own jazz bands. He gave concerts in Europe, Canada, Taiwan and China. As a composer/arranger he wrote for among others the New Arts Management (Taiwan), the Taiwan String Quartet, Flemish singer-songwriter Miel Cools, and others. His music has been played in different European countries including the Vatican, Russia ( the Conservatory of Moscow), the Far East, the U.S.A. and Costa Rica. After having taught violin for several years at the Chinese Culture University and the Kuang-Jen High School Music Department (Taiwan), he returned to Belgium. At the moment he teaches violin at the music academy in Dilsen-Stokkem and he is also freelance musician. He also took a master's degree in biology at the university of Gent (Belgium).
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Karl Stroobants (Violin)

Karl studied violin at the Stedelijke Academie voor Muziek, Woord en Dans in his hometown Tienen. He completed his musical training with Kati Sebestyén at the conservatories of Brussels and Tilburg. In 1995 he got a diploma as violin teacher. At the moment he teaches violin and chamber music in the music academies of Tienen, Tielt-Winge and As. Until last year he led the string department of the VUB orchestra, where he still serves as concertmaster. He leads the string ensemble ‘Con Anima' in Tienen. He is a bass player in several jazz and pop bands and he performs regularly accompanied by colleague/pianist Bart Vandermeulen.




Steven de Roeck (Viola)

Steven De Roeck studied viola and chamber music at the Koninklijk Vlaams Muziekconservatorium in Brussels with Irvin Schiffer and at the Hogeschool Antwerpen department drama, music and dance with Leo Deneve. He took the diploma of master in viola, of teacher secondary school viola (violin) and chamber music at the Hogeschool Antwerpen. At the Koninklijk Vlaams Muziekconsevatorium he also took a certificate electronical music. As musician, he participates in several projects, concerts and cd-recordings of both pop and classical music (including The Phantom of the Opera). He teaches viola and chamber music at the Kunsthumaniora in Antwerp.


Roel Machon (Cello)

Roel Machon began studying music at age 9 at the music academy of Maasmechelen – Eisden. He later studied at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels and at the conservatory of Maastricht (The Netherlands) with Master Alexander Petrasch where in 1999 he took a diploma with honours as music teacher. He then began teaching cello at the music academy in Dilsen-Stokkem. As a cellist he can be seen and heard on several stages. He is also a tape and record librarian for classical music for VRT Radio and involved in the different radio channels (Klara, Radio 1 etc).





André Klenes (Contrabass)

André Klenes, contrabass player and composer, studied at the Académie Grétry in Liège and later at the Koninklijke Conservatorium in Liège. There he took among others a jazz course with Steve Houben, Charles Loos and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse. He also participated at the jazz seminars at Dworp conducted by John Clayton and Wilbur Little. After his studies he worked together with the youth department for music. He is currently an independent musician.
For classical music he worked with the symphonic orchestra of the R.T.B.F., the Philharmonisch Orkest of Liège and the Nationaal Orkest of Belgium. For jazz music he worked with Guy Cabay, Steve Houben, Charles Loos, Robert Jeanne, Jacques Pelzer, Jean-Pierre Catoul. For world music he participates in the Belgian project Badiane and the Belgian-Spanish trio Tierra Nueva. He also works with French chansonnier William Sheller. For his own project ‘Adam's Dream/ String Quintet' he recorded two cds for Chamber. In his music you can find influences of classical, jazz and pop music of the 20 th century.


Bart Haesen (Drums)

Bart Haesen studied solfège, ear training and music theory with Guido Knops at the Muziekacademie in Tessenderlo.
From1982 till 1992: percussion with Aloïs Verbeeck in the Muziekacademie in Tessenderlo.
From1990 till 1992: Big Band of the Muziekacademie.
From1995 till 1997: Aimés Big Band in Leopoldsburg.
From1984 till 1995: Jeugdharmonie Crescendo Hulst-Tessenderlo.
Since1986 he has been involved with the Koninklijke Harmonie Sint-Lutgardis Hulst-Tessenderlo. Since 2001 he is also a member of the rock cover group ‘Creditcards'. In the meantime he has been asked several times as a replacement in different Brass Bands and Wind Bands.